The Seder is held at the festive table, which must include:

• Wine or grape juice in an amount enough to fill 5 cups; Each of us will drink 4 such cups, and the 5th (one cup from all those present) is for the prophet Eliyahu).

• A special plate called Keara, with the main symbols of the Seder laid out in a specific order (see the illustration):
o Matzo - at least 2 slices, though 3 matzot is highly desirable;
o Maror - lettuce leaves, preferably slightly bitter;
o Chazeret - grated horseradish, unseasoned;
o Karpas - a small piece of vegetable (usually boiled potatoes or fresh celery stalk/root, or parsley root are used);
o Beitzah – hard-boiled or lightly baked eggs;
o Zeroa - a small roasted piece of meat or poultry on the bone, which we do not eat during the Seder!
o Charoset - a mixture of grated apples and nuts with the addition of sweet wine and cinnamon.

• Salt water for some ceremonial activities.